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Asked about what fans think

"There is always someone to be angry about something. When you adjust to the screen a story like that, there are things you should review compared to the original story. The people will be disappointed, but I think they will be surprised to see how the film is faithful to the original story and how exciting, amazing and real. But it is impossible to please all the time to everyone .

Asked if she was a fan Megan said

I followed a lot of the show, because I was born in the 80s, so I was part of the segment of the public to whom it was dedicated

Megan poses for photos

Short interview

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Regarding memories they may have had of the turtles and their various incarnations…

Megan Fox: The live-action movies. I watched the cartoon a little bit also, but definitely the live-action movies.  The second one in particular was definitely my favorite.  It kind of has that feeling, I don’t know if you’ve watched Lost Boys, it’s like that capsule period of time is just, sort of, there’s something so magical about that moment of movies
Will Arnett regarding Vernon’s relationship with April

In the comic Vernon had an adversarial relationship with April. There has been through all the various incarnations - from the comic, to the TV series, to the movies - there have been creative and artistic licenses taken in order to tell whatever particular story and I think that as this movie really evolved and before we started shooting… It became apparent that there needed to be an evolution and the character that they needed to partner up and support April, they needed a character more like Vernon and they had to change the rules a bit with him.  What is true with him is that he is a camera man, that part of it stays very true, but now he kind of works with April and some of his crankiness has been transferred into that he’s looking more for an easy ride and wants to punch the clock and doesn’t want to be involved… And then he gets sucked in.  Ultimately they are good friends and he does support her and goes along for the ride. The rest is history.

Megan on April’s connection with the turtles

I don’t know what I’m allowed to reveal and not reveal… Her dad was a scientist whose experiments were being funded by… a shadowy figure… and there’s a lab fire.  Her father dies in the lab fire.  She loses him and it’s not until she starts hearing their names when she meets them on the roof that things start firing off in her brain and she goes and she digs through all of her father’s old lab notes and his books and all of this stuff and she discovers that these quite possibly are the little turtles that she used to look at in his lab before it burned down.

Megan Fox Access Hollywood Interview

Megan says Bodhi is partly named after a Point Break character, she reveals some fears she has about her sons growing up and she talks TMNT

Megan Fox Access Hollywood Interview

Megan says Bodhi is partly named after a Point Break character

Megan also did a photoshoot with EW at comic con

Megan also did a photoshoot with EW at comic con