Megan and WIll chat to Kiss FM

interesting interview,

"but you haven’t proved to any of them you were right….yet"

Will kinda got Megan good at the end there lol

Megan talks TMNT, Hollywood, family, Bay and more

Another Video from the Ferrari event

Megan Swears like a sailor, sings, considers robbing a bank + more on ‘Stars in Cars’ a German TV show/segment

If you listen closely you can make out most of what Megan says over the translator

video: Megan talks TMNT
Megan talks about her workouts

American actress Megan Fox keeps fit by hitting hard training. For the abdominal muscles they graduate from a killer program of 50 sit-ups, folding knives and side slopes - sell everything without legs,” said the 28-year-old magazine Fit for Fun”. I scream so loudly in pain that the neighbors already surprised.

( not sure what the legs line means)

Your activity monitors Fox also with a pedometer. One day I did it once to 14,000 steps,” she said. But behind it no fitness ambitions: Her eight-month-old son wanted to “naturally be worn anywhere,” Fox told the magazine.

(I think she is saying she carried her son for most of those steps)

Don’t Blink Hits DvD Oct 14th
you can order it here!

Don’t Blink Hits DvD Oct 14th

you can order it here!

Interview with Megan and Brian from the Ferrari event, they explain they are there supporting a children’s charity

Megan and Will on a German TV show

Will has a really big head