Megan Fox Interview, She talks about who she admires in Hollywood + More
MEXICO CITY, July 30 -. A heroine on screen and in real life. That is the great desire of Megan Fox, who exlcusiva interview with Excelsior confessed he wants to be the best mom for their children.

"I like action movies and I will always be open to this type of genre, though I must confess that I would be the heroine of the movie, because I want my kids think I’m fabulous,” said the singer, who also has his role-model in real life: Oscar winner Jennifer Lawrence.

     "It’s hard to say who would answer that I admire someone who is doing something special like Jennifer Lawrence, who could make an action movie in a franchise (Hunger Games), but these films tabi independent films that allowed him to win Oscar (the games of fate), that’s something I really like it.

Megan visited our country to promote Ninja Turtles reboot, in which he plays the only female character in the whole story: TV reporter April O’Neil. And what kind of reporter Megan would own if it had dedicated to journalism?

Certainly would not be a celebrity journalist,” says with a laugh, then ensure that subject would be more akin.

"Probably be a fashion blogger. I usually do not like to dress up much, I’m almost always very casual, but I like that.

Also the wife of actor Brian Austin Green, who plays April in the film directed by Jonathan Liebesman,
says that the spirit of this character is more "detective" for looking more stories that relate to the crime of the city of New York, and is precisely why
unleashes the fury of the worst enemies of turtles: Eric Sachs (William Fichtner) and, of course, the evil Shredder.

Megan recalled that it was five or six years old when he first heard talk about Ninja Turtles, thanks to his brother and, anecdotally recalled that at that time what caught his attention was the American rapper Vanilla Ice, who appeared in the eighties movie of Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles.

     I remember saying, Vanilla Ice is the funniest man alive. I liked the essence of the Turtles, they were funny, weird and had this strange question.

Before leaving, he said that this kind of Hollywood blockbusters, you said you love to participate, they have both negative and positive aspects, with which it has to face every time you decide to accept one of these roles.

The complicated thing is that waiting in the set is great. You have to stay long hours at the site, it wears even the strongest. Nor sleeps for long shooting days, but it is normal and also happens to the whole team.

On the other hand, through this work I have seen things that people normally can not access. Especially with Transformers, we shot in Pirámedes of Guise went to temples and we shot in Petra. Wonderful places I could see just because this movie actress.It’s the best!

First time in Mexico

Megan Fox had never visited the country before, so the list of recommendations that brings is considerably long.

"It’s my first time in Mexico. I’ve never been, everyone tells me to go to the Pyramids (Teotihuacán), because I really like the archaeological question and want to see if I succeed.

     "I also want to try Mexican food, which I love. Definitely I have to go out and try it because I imagine there will be no better place than here to do.

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